Silvano Tessarollo

Silvano Tessarollo. Se il Grano non Muore (If the Kernel doesn't die)
Curated by Julia Draganović and Elena Forin

If the kernel doesn’t die - the show that Silvano Tessarollo (Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza - 1956) created for AB23 (ex church of S.S. Ambrogio and Bellino, exhibtion space of the Municipality of Vicenza) consists of two installations with a strong evocative character and a poetic presence.
His works show an evironment overwhelmed by an unknown past event that has left deep indelible traces.
Loneliness and a feeling of abandonment melt in both cases with signals that give a sense of hope: scrap irons and remains of pneumatic tyres lie on a brick wall. An abandoned bicycle lies on a dried up uneven field. In this apocalyptic scene, giving the sensation of a just passed catastrophic happening, a small water drop draws on the wall the passing time, while a breath of wind suddenly blows through the night of the dried up field, making the bicycle wheel go round and lighting up the small faint lamp.
If the kernel doesn’t die synthesizes Tessarollo's themes and visual forms through its inquiry on time, its gazing on a rhythmical nature, its articulation of life and reflection of the passing by of history, with a physic force and an environmental vision. Through this experience, his body of work reached a further important level of maturity.

Fondazione Vignato, Vicenza. In collaboration with the Culture Councillorship of the Municipality of Vicenza.

AB23, Contrà S. Ambrogio 23, Vicenza | 28/09>28/10/2012 | [catalogue]