Guerra de la Paz I Berta

GUERRA DE LA PAZ | FILIPPO BERTA. Curated by Claudia Löffelholz
AUGEO ART SPACE, Corso d'Agusto 217, Rimini - Italy
Opening 12/04/2014, 6.30 pm | 13/04-02/06/2014

AUGEO ART SPACE is a new centre for contemporary art in the heart of Rimini, in a converted seventeenth century mansion, Palazzo Spina on Corso d’Augusto, the main street in the city. Committed to the exploration of various languages of the national and international art scene, and with a program developed together with curatorial collective LaRete Art Projects, AUGEO presents its first exhibition reflecting this perspective, featuring the Italian Filippo Berta and the American duo Guerra de la Paz in a double solo exhibition curated by Claudia Löffelholz. Both were invited to relate to the specific spatial context of Rimini: in the case of Guerra de la Paz, by spending a period of residency in the area and producing a site-specific work for this occasion.
Filippo Berta’s research mainly uses performances and videos to develop micro-narrations of the states of tension wired in the individual and in social relationships: his works show states of transitory equilibriums, irreconcilable dualisms, small gestures and minimal differ- ences which are sufficient to prove, and make us accept, all the fragility and the ephemeral nature of the human condition.
An archaeology of contemporary human footprints, is what is proposed byGuerra de la Paz, a collaborative duo formed in 1996 between artists Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz, both of Cuban origins and residing in Miami. Their research challenges traditional means and forms of art to experiment with unexpected combinations of materials and functions. From these “findings” of man-made products– in many cases clothes – an environment emerges revealing the traces and deepest meanings of our actions.                    
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