Roberto De Pol

ROBERTO DE POL. Nowhere in Particular
A project in collaboration with Jakob & Manila – Bartnik Project Room and Elena Forin – LaRete Art Projects

What does installing, taking down, documenting and creating a specific work of art outside institutional contexts mean? Which are other ideal places for art? And so, where art needs to be seen?
Well, Nowhere in Particular.
To reply these questions, to study possible conceptual and visual changes in response to a determined environment - or public - and to challenge his artistic practice Roberto De Pol realized that his works needed to experiment nomadic issues to a wider extent, and so in 2013 he started this project.
When the Bartniks invited him to join the Artists in Residence program (October 12nd-19th) at the StadtgalerieCafè in Osnabrück with Nowhere in Particular he experimented the process starting from his journey towards Germany taking photographs of ideal places for his pieces: these pics had been used to create the collages he presented at the StadtgalerieCafè together with some installations. Realized with found materials and with stuff borrowed by the people he met during the residence, these works will be put through new variables in the Bartnik Project Room – where they will be visible for one day special event on October 25th – and in some places he’ll find in his way back home.
Thanks to Jakob and Manila, the exchange with the local art scene, the encounters he did and the dialogue with a wide and not necessarily specialized and art-oriented public, the installations had experimented new possibilities, forms and extensions that need to be further discussed in other places and through other fittings.

One night special event | 25/10/2014, 8.00 pm | Bartnik Project Room Lotterstrasse 63 | D-49078, Osnabrück