Curatorial Bench

Curatorial Bench
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24/7 - No matter how old or cool you are: a finished kitchen roll is always a telescope!

Twenty-four hours a day / seven days a week: Kunsthalle Osnabrück, cleared and ready to be renovated afterwards, opens its door on May 30th 6 pm for a whole week: day and night! All around the clock! As part of the 24/7 LaRete Art Projects presents Curatorial Bench, a program of public studio visits and call for artists who would like to join in.
For one week, the Kunsthalle wants to hand back the space to its owners (yes, the tax-payers) to see and hear what kind of ideas and expectations the visitors want to share with them. So until June 6th at 6 pm the team of Kunsthalle Osnabrück invites the citizens and visitors to fill the galleries with their own interventions, works, phantasies, experiences and conversations: who wants to perform at Kunsthalle Osnabrück can join an online-calendar and announce his activities there.
LaRete Art Projects is part of the process of connecting the museum space to the context of the city and its area around, and of fostering a dialogue between visitors, artists, creatives and a larger audience with this project. Thanks to a network of established contacts - between curators, artists and institutions in Osnabrück - LaRete will then meet a selected group of artists based in the city and in the Region.
Artists are asked to present their work in English, and if they are interested in a public presentation, their portfolio will be projected in the museum's space to be seen also by the audience of the Kunsthalle. Along with the scheduled appointments, LaRete will dedicate up to 1 hour a day for other artists.

Kunsthalle Osnabrück | Hasemauer 1 | D-49074 Osnabrück | 23/04>03/06/2014