Tetralogy of Dust

Tetralogia della polvere (Tetralogy of Dust)
An environmental installation by Gian Maria Tosatti
to render Casa Bossi (The House of Bossi) to the city of Novara

Curated by Julia Draganovic and Alessandro Facente

A splendid Palazzo built by Alessandro Antonelli and abandoned thirty years ago. A forgotten (hi)story transformed into dust. This is the scene the show "Tetralogy of Dust" by Gian Maria Tosatti embedded in, realized as a co-production of Comitato d'Amore di Casa Bossi and the cultural association Rest-Art and in collaboration with LaRete Art Projects with the patronage of the City of Novara.
Casa Bossi will turn into the stage for an exciting environmental art work through which the artist offers a knowledgeable reading of the monumental space and its hidden testimonies. The primordial void of the building (five thousand square meters on seven levels) represents the core of Gian Maria Tosatti's artistic research.

Casa Bossi, Via Pier Lombardo 4, Novara | 23/04>03/06/2012 [catalogue]