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Maria Jose Arjona

Maria Jose Arjona: All the Others in Me
Curated by Julia Draganović and Claudia Löffelholz

LaRete Art Projects and Galleria Bianconi present All the Others in Me by the Colombian artist Maria Josè Arjona: a performance that takes place on November 6th at Dusan in Milan. After being presented as a side project at the 4th Marrakech Biennale, this is a new edition specially designed for the Dusan space, located in the Casa della Fontana designed by Gio Ponti.
Maria Josè Arjona's research is based on the centrality of the body as the vector of intense dialogue with the audience: "As primary material, medium of visual communication and energy exchange, the body in my work has become an agent, through repetition and nonhierarchical gestures, in order to understand space and time, as key elements to respond to and be part of the world we experience today. During my performances human presence does not function as a symbol, nor storyteller or entertainer; the body interacts with the space to create an experience (not a narrative) that triggers physical and cognitive responses in which the viewer becomes the catalyst for sensory exchange, necessary for understanding the body and the interaction itself, outside of the boundaries of identity and representation but within the passing of time."
In All the Others in Me the artist repeats, like a moving sculpture, the movements of a striptease, that, while she never exposes her body, causes a short circuit between conflicting worlds of the imagination and identities. What Arjona creates is a corporal strategy for the acceptance of difference, beginning with stereotypes of the female condition in mass society, both in and outside the West.

06/11/2012, 6.30 pm - Dušan, via Zarotto 1, Milan, Italy

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