Cheryl Pope & Carlo Zauli

Cheryl Pope & Carlo Zauli. mind the gap?!
Curated by Elena Forin

LaRete Art Projects is pleased to announce Cheryl Pope & Carlo Zauli. Mind the gap?!
For the first time in Italy, Pope (Chicago, 1980) shows her Stacks video and Tops sculptures. By reinterpreting these types of works in the Galleria Bianconi display, the artist reinforces the bond that unites the various stages of her research with its impact in environmental terms. In Stacks she creates precarious piles of bowls and cups. Their collapse has an echo in the presence of the Tops, emblematically placed on the ground. Tops appear to fall directly from the screen leading to reflections on fragility, preciousness, resistance, and on the relationship between social mechanisms and tradition.
A new interpretation of Zauli's (Faenza, 1926 – 2002) plastic and conceptual development is given by a selection of some of the works the artist worked on throughout his life - Vasi e Sensualità Sconvolte, Zolle, Geometrici. The original display of the pieces reveals an original vision on society through problems of form like simplification, order, use and practicality.
The display winds its way through materials, practices, necessities, backgrounds and history identifying a profound diversity of context (social, economic and political) between the two artists, but also the presence of a certain affinity: the forms that follow plastic movements are indeed exposed for both to a fragility that is expression of a social transformation and of a desire deeply rooted within the work.
Special event on 12 October: Balancing Stacks. Performance by Cheryl Pope

Galleria Bianconi, via Lecco 20, Milan | 11/10/12>15/02/13 | [catalogo]