The Eye of the Collector

THE EYE OF THE COLLECTOR. Video works from the Collection Manuel de Santaren.
Maria Josè Arjona, Niklas Goldbach, Jesse Aron Green, William Lamson, McCallum and Tarry, Hans Op de Beeck, Chrischa Venus Oswald, Luigi Presicce, Isabel Rocamora, Janaina Tschäpe.

Curated by Julia Draganović and Claudia Löffelholz, LaRete Art Projects for Arte Fiera-Art First

The striking power of the visual that doesn’t need a word to explain itself – the video pieces in Manuel de Santaren’s collection live from this. They are the proof that bodies and images in movement are  the essential elements of an effective language for this medium , it does not need much more. But the most difficult thing to achieve is simplicity.  The small selection of videos chosen for the Eye of the Collector will present the variety of ways in which speechless moving images are able to generate amusement or admiration, emotion, tenderness or rejection, confusion or -  enlightenment!
Manuel de Santaren is a Boston and Washington DC based collector whose main focus is New Media/Video based works. His extensive collection comprises of works that focus primarily on performance, appropriation of mass media imagery, and animation.  Mr. de Santaren is the Co-Chair of the Photography Committee of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York where he has championed the acquisition and inclusion of Video works for the permanent collection. He is also on the Board of Overseers of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and an active participant in the Visiting Committee / Contemporary Art where he offers his knowledge and passion for time based works. Furthermore, he is member of the Executive Board of The Cisneros Fontanals Foundation based in Miami, Florida. 
Villa delle Rose, Via Saragozza 228-230, Bologna, Italy | 28/02>05/02 2012  [catalogue]