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Pablo Helguera. Ælia Media

Villa delle Rose opens its doors for the International Award for Participatory Art
MAMbo, the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Bologna, makes Villa delle Rose available for Ælia Media by Pablo Helguera, winner of the first International Award for Participatory Art. The “Studio of Ælia Media” opens its doors to local, national and international audiences with a agenda of workshops, seminars and panel discussions. The goal is to foster new strategies of collaboration, innovative approaches to art journalism and to develop an experimental space where to present cultural, social and historical researches in artistic forms.
23 June: CLICK OR CLASH? Strategies of collaboration. A conversation between Via Lewandowsky, Cesare Pietroiusti and Luigi Presicce
07 July: Aesthetics of Journalism. A public event withAlfredo Cramerotti.
08  September: ARTRIBUNE. A public event with Santa Nastro
11 September: 9-11/9-11 by Mel Chin. Screening
16 September: NERO. A public event with Luca Lo Pinto 
03 October: Pablo Helguera meets Antonio Muntadas
04 October: Pablo Helguera meets Miran Mohar (IRWIN)

In Bologna opens a new meeting point: a broadcasting station in public space

The kiosk of ÆLIA MEDIA in Piazza Puntoni

15/10-28/10/2011 daily programming 4-8 pm


International Award for Participatory Art. An initiative of the Legislative Assembly of the Region Emilia-Romagna, Italy











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