Pablo Helguera

PABLO HELGUERA. Conferenza combinatoria - Performance                        curated by Julia Draganovic and Claudia Löffelholz   

neon>campobase, Bologna - 24th September 2010, 7.00 pm

In occasion of the International Award for Participatory Art, Mexican born and New York based artist Pablo Helguera will stay in Bologna from September 20th thru 27th 2010. The purpose of his trip to get to know the territory and to prepare a proposal for a project to be realized in the capital of Emilia-Romagna in 2011.

September 24th Helguera will show a first result of his short working stay in Bologna. Neon>campobase will host Conferenza combinatoria, a participative performance in which a number of citizens of Bologna (and others) will share their expert knowledge with the audience.

An initiative of the Legislative Assembly of the Region Emilia-Romagna, Italy