Arte Fiera 2012

Arte Fiera 2012. Announcement of the finalists of the 2nd edition of the International Award for Participatory Art and presentation of the Ælia Media project. With Luigi Benedetti, Alfredo Jaar, Bert Theis, Julia Draganovic and the Ælia Media group.

The Argentinian artist collective Etcetera, the Italian artist Emilio Fantin and American born Jon Rubin are the finalists of the second edition of the International Award of Participatory Art, promoted by the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government, in collaboration with LaRete Art Projects and goodwill, and curated by Julia Draganović and Claudia Löffelholz.
The finalists were selected from 16 proposals. Etcetera, Fantin and Rubin have to face the challenge of developing an audience specific project.
Etcetera is an Argentine collective with a performance based artistic practice which respond to current social and political issues. Creativity and humor are characterizing their work which always invents new ways of engaging the public. Emilio Fantin works in Bologna and he is one of few Italian artists that, from the beginning of his career, has operated with the involvement of other artists and the public, in different media: performance, video, texts. Jon Rubin is a Californian artist who has demonstrated extensively his capability in so called social practices. He creates projects that involve different marginal social groups with creativity, openness and respect.

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