curatorial bench

During 24/7 (June 2014) at the Kunsthalle Osnabrück (Germany), the international collective of LaRete Art Projects conceived a new project, the Curatorial Bench, an itinerant program of studio visits held in collaboration with public and private institutions, independent and non for profit spaces.
With the Curatorial Bench, the team of curators decided not only to create a new format, but also a further chance to foster the dialogue with artists, places hosting the initiative, and the local artists and critics.
Contacts and connections in the art world are often happening through networking in the most common art places and occasions – museums openings, galleries, academies, residencies, biennials, fairs – and frequently the figure of the curator is perceived as a professional acting in a small, pre-arranged and almost un-accessible group of people.
To ride out this distance and to expand their knowledge of the art scene, with the Curatorial Bench LaRete Art Projects intends to create, city by city, a platform for exchange and dialogue.
The format calls for two ways of encounter: through the strengthened relations with artists and other curators connected to the local area, and through the initiative of who wants to present his/her work fixing an appointment for the scheduled day.
Artists can present their work for circa 30 minutes. A portfolio in pdf-format in order to facilitate the description of the artistic approach and to show images is encouraged.
If possible, LaRete Art Projects is happy to consider together with the artists, to screen their portfolios and to involve the audience joining the space in this mapping of the art scene.
Are you curious to know when and where the next Curatorial Bench will take place? Please check LaRete Art Projects web page and follow our Facebook page.